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Banking Law


Banking Law

Casals Abogados is the only Spanish firm member of the prestigious network of law firms “Banking Litigation Network”, composed of offices of the European Union, United States and Australia. Casals Abogados provides services to individuals and national and international companies, in defense of their interests against banking entities.

In the area of Banking Law, Casals Abogados has extensive experience in solving processes of consumers that have been affected and harmed by abusive clauses, contracts and malpractice by banks.

-Nullity of the interest floor rate.
-Standstill/oposition of auctions and foreclosures.
-Minority Shares.
-Preferred Shares.
-Subordinated debenture of convertible bonds.
-Swaps or barter and financial transactions.
-Multi-currency mortgages, nullity of the multi-currency option.
-Transactions requesting assignment in payment for non-payment or foreclosure.
-Opposition to evictions.
-Liability for the management of investment funds.